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Motorized pull tester: DrivePullTester

Motorized pull tester

  • Motorized pull tester
  • Internal memory
  • RS232 port


Series code:: EXT DRV
Specifications: specifications sheet

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This battery operated adjustable speed motorized pull tester is used to prove the holding capacity of hundreds of types & sizes of fasteners in roofing, construction, commercial, industrial, and other applications.

Specifically engineered for pull-out strength tests and nondestructive testing of welded, staked, threaded, epoxied and power-driven fasteners.

This battery powered unit comes complete with an calibrated load cell (certificate of calibration traceable to NIST included), with a pulling capacity of 2000 lbs. The speed is adjustable between 2 and 50 mm/min with an electronic display showing the travel. An easy to use electronic control panel with color touch screen displays the real time force and the peak force at the end of the test.

The DrivePullTester can be used with the included rechargeable batteries or directly on a 110V or 220V plug. The open frame design allows easy access to fixtures. Fixtures can be change easily using the quick realease end system.  

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