Force and Torque
measurement solutions

Com-ten supplies Force and Torque measurement solutions that provide advanced and the highest level of performance for production testing, quality control and laboratory testing. Designed and manufactured in France, our extensive products range suited from standard to challenging testing application. Our team of experiences engineers is at your disposal to customize the best solution for your applications.

Automated Spring Tester

springtest3 motorized spring tester

The Springtest 3 is a motorized Compression and Tensile tester, dedicated to measure the force in one or two displacement points. Read more about the latest measurement technology to ensure accurate, precise, repeatable and reliable testing of springs.

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Centormeter : the Torque auditing test bench New product line

Centormeter : the Torque auditing test bench New product line

Calibrate and check all of your torque measuring tools: torque wrenches, torque screwdriver, electric screwdriver …

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Force gauge

Latest news and upgraded features

The Centor Touch instrument extends its features with the release of its new 6.5 version. Whether in Force Gauge handheld, Torque Gauge handheld, Panel mount or on a test Stand, you can now have the most efficient feedback instrument possible:

2 sensors on the same graph

Multi-axis sensor - Display 2 curves on the same graph

With the CENTOR TOUCH DUAL series, you can now perform live graphing , and choose to display sensor 1 vs sensor 2 or 2 sensors data simultaneously vs time on the same graph.

Memory for 2,000 results

Extension of memory up to 2000 values

The memory of the Centor touch Star and Dual series has been extended.
Therefore, you can now record up to 2000 results (maximum, minimum and calculations) for each sensor.

Adjustable USB data transfer rate

Adjustable Data transfer rates through USB

You can now adjust the frequency of data transfer through USB post between your Centor Touch series and your computer. The frequency is adjustable from 1Hz to 1 000Hz. Therefore it suits both test environments: long run time (several days as well as dynamic test with very short run time.

Incremental sensors improvement

Resolution improvement for position incrementals sensor

Our engineering team is constantly improving our solutions, and resulting by enhancing the reading of incremental sensors. Whether on rotational or linear position sensor, now the resolution has improved by 4 times.

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