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Happy New Year
COM-TEN Industries would like to thank all of its customers for the partnership and trust they bestowed in us during the year 2010. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your business the best of luck with your current core business and especially the best in the growth and development of new projects throughout 2011. If the need arises where COM-TEN Industries can assist you in any project, please do no hesitate to contact either Mat, Mary, Julia or Tom and we assure you we will assist you in achieving your 2011 goals.
Technology focus

A digital force gauge is basically a handheld instrument that contains a load cell, electronic part, software and a display. A load cell is an electronic device that is used to convert a force into an electrical signal. Through a mechanical arrangement, the force being sensed deforms a strain gauge.

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New features on our website

In order to help you in finding the exact instrument you are looking for, we have implemented new features on our website.

1. Search engine : a new search engine is now available on each page

2. Filters : In the top right corner of each product category, you can now filter the results based on your testing needs : price, capacity and accuracy.

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Best practices

At some point, manufacturers will find themselves in this situation: they have to test their new product in manufacturing - the question is how to do it.

What equipment should they choose ?

What is the best device to ensure good results ?

How can production be validated without getting the boss upset about the budget ?

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Improve your knowledge in measurement
Visit our website and discover all the tools Com-Ten offers to help you increase your knowledge, improve your measurement and simplify your tests:

- Knowledge base on force and torque testing ;
- FAQ on our products ;
- Product registration to activate your warranty.

The most advanced for gauge of the market in on sales: accuracy 0.1%, touchscreen display with graph, calculations, statistics, data rate 5000Hz...

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$ 1,789

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Force gauge solution
Centor Touch, Advanced touchscreen force gauge

Functionality, accuracy, and precision formerly reserved for expensive and complex material testing equipment are now available with Andilog Force Gauges. The functionality of material testers previously reserved for research or development applications are now available to the production floor with the introduction of the Centor Touch Force Gauge. + info

Centor Easy, graphical force gauge

The Centor Easy force gauges are designed to meet the production needs of its users. This group offers several features which are indispensable today for quality control, for example : ease of reading with its large backlit graphical display, RS232 output, memory of the last 100 values and ability to set thresholds with visual and sound alarms. + info

Centor Easy R, force gauge with external sensor

The Centor Easy R force gauges are designed to meet the production needs of its users. This group offers several features which are indispensable today for Quality Control. + info

Centor First, simple digital force gauge

The force gauge Centor First is a simple and yet complete digital force gauge which uses efficient technology to simplify force measurements, in tension and compression. A big display shows the force measured in tension or compression in the unit selected by the operator. + info

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They use our force gauges
New York Wire, Dana Corporation, Oak Hill Iron Works, Driggers Engineering, Eaton Corporation, University of South Florida, USDA, Versa Tech.
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