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Centor W Easy TT, torque gauge with reaction sensor

Capacity: 60 Nm; 24 Nm; 12 Nm; 6 Nm; 3 Nm; 1 Nm
Documentation: Specifications

  • Calibration certifricate included
  • Internal memory

Weight: 8 lb

Using the Centor technology, the Centor W Easy TT digital torque gauges have a very large graphic display and show a maximum amount of information for more efficient measuring: they show the current reading and the peak value at the same time, and a bar graph to show the operator whether they are close to their maximum capacity. If necessary, the backlighting can be used to further enhance reading comfort. Mounted with a non removable external reaction torque sensor, it is the ideal torque gauge to integrate a torque sensor into your own test system.

Its advanced measurement chain enables it to use a sampling rate of 1,000 Hertz with a resolution of 1/10,000 FS and a total error of less than 0.5% FS.

Many other functions complete the possibilities of the gauge:
- The Set point functions can be used to carry out “OK, NOK” tests: a symbol appears on the display.
- The fully programmable RS232 output sends the data to a PC.
- A digimatic output can be used with Mitutoyo statistical printers.

Technical characteristics
Clockwise measurement Yes
Counterclockwise measurement Yes
Accuracy 0.5 % FS
Resolution 1 / 10 000
Sampling rate 1000 Hz
Peak torque Yes
Auto-off Adjustable from 5 to 15 min
Reversible display by software Yes
Calibration certificate included Yes
Metal casing and protective elestomere overmould Yes
Bargraph Yes
Units lbin, lbft, Nm, Kg.cm, mNm
Display peak and current value in the same time Yes
Tare function Yes
Use of a Foot pedal Yes
Programable set point Yes
Internal memory 100 values
Statistics on 100 saved trials Yes
RS232 output Yes
Digimatic and analogic output Yes
Backlight display Yes
Operate on rechargeable battery Yes
Low battery indicator Yes
Battery life 8 hours