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UPLIFT - Pull tester with uplift kit and pulling plate

Capacity and version: 10 kN digital

  • Includes uplift kit and pulling plate
  • Reusable metal pulling plate


Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
Weight: 35 lb

The Uplift portable tester was designed in conjunction with SPRI, for testing on the field the uplift resistance of adhesion. Easily test the attachment of the tile to underlayment and determine whether the uplift resistance performance meets the minimum wind load requirements.

The Uplift fastener tester is specially designed for the following domains:
- Test the floor tiles installed on balconies
- Check the adhesion of the roof covering
- Proof the good installation of the waterproofing membrane
- Perform a bonded pull test

The metal pulling plate is reusable for repeatable performance and assembles in minutes.

Uplift bonded pull-tester is an essential tool in roofing industries, where it is important to validate the good installation of the bonded balcony tiles.

This dedicated kit comes with a full range of accessories:
- A Pull tester (with its calibrated gauge 2000lb, analog or digital)
- Uplift frame URF2424
- Pulling plate MPP2424

How it works:
The 2” x 2” uplift plate is glued to the tiles. A waiting time of 24 hours is required to allow the adhesive to bond properly. The plate is grabbed by the pull tester using a female slotted adaptor which is attached to the Uplift pull tester. Then the plate is pulled off in direct tension using the hand crank of the Uplift pull tester and the corresponding pressure is applied. The gauge displays and registers the pull-out force.
For more information about the uplift kit, click here

- Bituminous roof coverings
- spray applied polyurethane foam roof systems
- fully adhered single ply roof systems
- Inspection

Can be used in accordance with Standards: PA 124-95 / TAS 124 / ANSI-SPRI IA-1 2005

Technical characteristics
24" x 24"
2000 lb