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    - Anditork Easy : Cap torque tester
Knowledge base:
    - Puncture test
    - Measuring torque on caps
    - Topload testing
    - Measuring unscrewing torque
    - Peeling tests
Technology focus

The peel strength is the measure of the average force to part two bonded materials like tape, labels, textile or plastic films. The strength is calculated during a peel test at a constant speed rate by divided the average force required during the test by the unit width of the bonded samples. Depending on materials, norms, products, the tests can be done with different angles: 90° and 180° are commonly used.

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Package ready to measure

Anditork Security

The ANDITORK Security product is designed to measure opening torques with downward force. The procedure is used to check safety caps. It is equipped with a grip plate that holds from 0.5 to 8in in diameter. The operator applies downward force and opening force in exactly the same conditions as the user. Both values are shown simultaneously on the display. + info

Cork Extractor
In conformity with the Cork Manufacturers Norm, this "corkscrew" instrument, the EXTRACTOR 500, uses a CENTOR First fitted with specific accessories to measure cork extraction force for still wines. Simple and robust, it is hand-operated, just like an ordinary corkscrew, and it memorizes the maximum force applied by the operator. + info


Introducing our best seller torque tester for caps on bottles: Anditork Easy. Available with 3 capacities: 25 lbin, 50 lbin, 100 lbin.

For $ 3295
instead of $ 3590

Limited time special offer, contact us at 800-552-5546

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Knowledge base

Measure of screwing torque on bottles

In order to improve the setup of cap screwing machine, Com-Ten Industries has designed force and torque gauges with special sensors to measure directly on the machine. These testers are called "measuring bottles" and can measure torque or force. + info

Topload tests

Topload tests or Crush tests are specially designed to ensure the resistance of bottles, cans or drums during the filling process or transportation. These tests can easily detect defects in production to avoid most of the problems during filling, storage, shipping or crating. + info

Puncture tests

Puncture tests are used to evaluate the properties of thin materials at break, puncture or drill. To measure these properties, a penetrator or needle is applied with a constant speed on the material to a failure or to a predetermined elongation.+ info

Measure of unscrewing torque on bottles

It is sometimes really hard to measure the torque on caps. The quality of the measure depends on different parameters: material, operator, torque tester. So you can have important differences between results and it is impossible to have a good repeatability. Com-Ten Industries gives you advises to improve you measurements.. + info

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Plastipak, Sealed Air (Cryovac), Plastic Container Corp, Pepsi Corp., Amway, Film Technologies, Packaging Materials Corp.

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