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Best practices

How to check crimp terminals on cables:

A good crimping of a terminal on a cable increases the usable life time of the connection and avoids micro cuts when using the cable in a car or an aircraft.
When do you check wire terminal crimps ?
During the manufacturing cycle and at each change of processing settings, including:
- Checking the first batch manufactured
- Check for each new setup of machines or crimping pliers (tool exchange)
- Check each coil change (if terminals are supplied in a coil)
- Interim checks (every 1000 crimps for example)
- Check the final crimp

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Technology focus
Carousel for tensile tests on terminals

Our accessory carousel is designed for maintaining crimp terminals during quality tensile tests to determine the break force of crimps. It can be used with all types of crimp terminals (spade lugs, lugs round spades, spades flags) but also for crimp pins or crimp sleeves fitted to the beams and electrical harnesses. With its 8 slots with various openings, the operator may test the cable with a size between AWG24 to AWG14 without changing the holding accessory. The carousels are generally associated with a self-closing wedge clamp or an eccentric clamp to maintain the cable without damaging it. Com-Ten also offers solutions for attaching cables larger than AWG10 and testing power cables and beam power supply connections.

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They use our testers
ITW, Coach and Equipment, Delphi, Siemens, Motorola, Phelps Dodge, Nen York Wire, ASA (Atlantic Southeast Airlines), General Cables

Wiretest T1: Tensile tests on terminals

A complete system comes ready to measure: force gauge 100 lb, carousel fixture , manual test stand, self closing wedge clamp and certificate of calibration.

All for $ 2395 instead of $ 2580.

Limited time special offer, contact us today at 800-552-5546

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Wire testing solutions
Motorized cable tester : Wiretest 2
The test stand Wiretest 2 is designed to verify the quality of crimping terminals. Indeed the success of a good crimp is related to the quality of crimping clamps and proper adjustment of crimping machines. Constant speed as aeronautics and automotive standards required. + info

Quality control of terminals : Wiretest 1
The manual test stand Wiretest 1 allows control of crimps easily in production or in quality. Ideal for cables up to 0.15 sqin, it is designed to hold any type and size of contacts without changing tools with its carousel + info

Testing high capacity cable: Wiretest 3F
The test stand Wiretest 3 is designed to verify the quality of crimping terminals on cables up to 2000lb. It is used for power cables, power beams and large terminals.
+ info

Tensile testing on cable: Wiretest T1
Ideal for small sections of cable, this system WIRETEST T1 measures the tensile strength of crimps on cables up to 100 lb. With its lever arm, it can control easily and quickly crimping terminals during the manufacturing process. The force gauge can be set to beep when the necessary force is reached. + info

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