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ATLAS II CC - Automated twin columns material testing

Documentation: specifications
  • Multi-stages tester
  • Tension and compression
  • 3 models: 10kN, 20kN, 50kN
  • Automatic recognition of load cell
  • Large working aera
  • Reliability and Traceability of your results


The motorized test stand ATLAS II CC is a complete automated material testing and ready to use system for all your force applications. The twin column load frame combined with the advanced technology of the Centor TOUCH, brings you a robust and versatile solution for tensile & compression tests up to 50kN. The ATLAS II has been designed to provide a durable measurement solution for routine manufacturing test and advanced laboratory test requirements. 

Delivered with the material testing software Califort, the ATLAS II CC is the perfect equipment for your mutli stages test protocols in order to guarantee repeatability, accuracy and traceability of your results. 

The ATLAS II CC range in figures

  • 3 capacities : 10kN, 20kN et 50kN
  • Travel displacement: 900mm
  • Expanded working table suitable for testing large sample (350x350mm)
  • Large choices of grips, clamps and fixtures

Machine d'essai bicolonnes Atlas II CCStrength and Precision

The material testing equipments STENTOR II CC and ATLAS II CC are designed to provide the best mechanical properties to guarantee reliability of your measurements:

- Pre-loaded ball screws : for a soft, accurate and repeatable displacement
- Crosshead guidance system : guarantee the rigidity of the frames for accurate measurements and minimal deformation.
- Symmetrivcal drive : the motor drives symmetric pulleys ensuring maximum performance and an uniform application of the strength on the crosshead during measurements
- T-slot table : ease of mounting tension and compression accessories and tooling.
- Quick interchangeable load cell setup


Key Features:

  • Complete system for tension, compression, flexural, friction, peeling testing
  • Computer control, calculation and report edition with the material software Califort
  • Fully interchangeable 'plug and play' load cells with our SPIP technologies

Supplied with:

  • Twin columns Motorized test stand and its controller
  • Force load cell and its calibration certificate
  • Material testing software CALIFORT and all required connection cables

Typical applications: the twin column ATLAS tester is versatile and fit a multitude of industries and application - Packaging, Plastics, Textiles, food, adhesives tapes, metals, rubber.

Technical characteristics
Tension test Yes
Compression test Yes
Displacement 900mm
Displacement resolution 0.01mm
Displacement accuracy 0.05mm
Speed resolution 1mm/min
Speed accuracy 5 %
Power supply 110 V / 220V


Atlas II CC
Atlas II CC