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Califort material testing software

test software Califort
  • Compatible with the motorized equipments of Andilog
  • Easy and flexible
  • Control and monitor your testing equipment
  • For advanced multi-stage test
Series code:: CALIFORT
Documentation: specifications

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Califort Software is a powerful and easy to use materials testing software allowing reliable and repeatable results. For force and torque testing on all type of material, products and specimens. CALIFORT answers to your quality controls requirement and so it is the solution for today’s laboratory technicians and operators.

CALIFORT software is a suite that goes beyond the traditional data acquisition software moving it toward an ultimate test measurement solution; and offers capabilities such as:

  • Automatic test control: improve the accuracy and secure repeatable results
  • Set-up and Save configurations: for fast, efficient and safe tests
  • Report and Maintain detailed records of your tests

Califort is a sophisticated and easy to use material testing software, compatible with all our motorized products. Dedicated to control your equipment and to provide an elaborated data analysis, it completes your Force and Torque measuring device to provide an advanced measuring solution.

Key features:

  • Machine control and data acquisition software
  • Multi-stages testing
  • Predefined calculation library
  • Pass/Fail analysis
  • Test report edition (with personalized format)
  • Export raw data to Excel


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