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Why Com-Ten Industries?
Because your products and your customers deserve the state of the technology in force measurement, COM-TEN Industries is driven to deliver designs that give you more.

Better Accuracy: Com-Ten only uses load cells that are made in the USA. The accuracy is +/-0.1% FS for all the Centor line, and 0.25% for the Centor First.
This will provide you with:
- The possibility to use your load cell from the very begining of the range
- A lower overall uncertainty for your test method
- A better value even in case of misalignment of your fixtures, attachments, or sample positioning.

Most other suppliers only offer an accuracy of 0.5% load cells.

Finest resolution: The smallest readable step in our force gauge is 1/10,000 of the maximum capacity and 0.1lbs for the Centor First: again a better definition on results when you are computing data or statistics.

Others provide instruments that are limited to 1/1000 FS

Very high acquisition speed: from 5000Hz, never less than 1000Hz: you will be able to capture the peak or break point exactly in time: repeatability will improve dramatically.

Other gauges in the marketplace are limited to 600 Hz or even 60 Hz.

Overload protection: Load cells have mechanical stops and can support twice the maximum capacity, software will send you alerts., the bar graph on the screen is a visible aid show were you are....forget about damaging load cells ... if you stop in time!

Rechargeable batteries: Never be short in batteries, you don’t need it... just plug the gauge and recharge with the charger provided in your carrying case... save money and time!

Low price, low end instruments have only regular batteries.

Full calibration certificate: 5 steps with the measured values in tension and compression thanks to our traceable references, a certificate issued for you (with your name on it) just before shipping: the evidence of the gauge’s quality.

Instruments from other providers charge additional fees for a full, certified calibration.

And more comfort in using the instruments: forget "my father step by step" menu; go on the full comprehensive text or even the new touch panel....

So be sure.... buy Com-Ten an ISO 9001 certified company.

Any questions just call Mat, Julia, Don, or Mary, all available for building a test system with you.