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Torque calibration Centormeter
Torque analyzers
Need torque wrench, gauge or screwdriver calibration? Our torque analyzer Centormeter series is designed to calibrate and check all your measuring instruments - torque calibration for professionals.
Motorized spring tester
Spring testers
Our Spring test series is designed to measure force and torque on all types of springs: compression spring, tension spring, torsion spring...
WireTest series measure force wire
Wire and cable testers
Our Wire testers and cable testers series is designed to measure pull up force on all types of wires: crimp terminals, cables, harnesses ,...
Bottle torque tester anditork
Bottle testers
Our range of bottle testers is specially designed to measure opening torques for bottles and jars and to perform topload force tests. Different versions are available: manual, motorized, torque, torque & force, torque & angle.
Ergonomy force kit-Ergokit
Ergonomics & Handling
Our Ergokit force gauge line was specially designed to suit any situation encoutered at the workstation: pulling, pushing, pressing with a hand or finger, lifting...
Special application Topload
Special applications
Here is some of the equipment we can manufacture for special applications and custom testing. If you are not able to find something on the market, contact us.
Texture analysis
A selection of penetrometer and texture analysis for measuring consistency, firmness and texture in production or laboratory.