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Become a Com-Ten distributor

The advantages of Com-Ten distributor

A key component of Com-Ten's success since 1960 has been the solid relationship we've established with our distributors. Some of Com-Ten’s distributors have been with us since the 70’s. They trust Com-Ten because of the high quality and value of our product and the support they receive as authorized distributors.

Com-Ten’s distributors make more money. They have no instrument to store and need less support for training. The reliability of the Com-Ten products means fewer callbacks. And because the Com-Ten instruments are manufactured and designed in USA we can guaranty a good availability of our products for standard and custom applications and a direct support with the designers of the products.

Our products are deisgned for the North American market and we are continuously improving our range of force and torque solutions, with better performances and new features using the latest technologies.....

Consider becoming a Com-Ten distributor today. Download our terms and conditions and contact us using our support form.

12 good reasons to become an authorized Com-Ten distributor

1. Proven Track Record. Since 1960, Com-Ten Industries is manufacturing force measurement instruments. We have today equipped thousands of manufacturing plants and laboratories in the USA with our devices which are still confident that Com-Ten Industries can provide the right solution to their problems.

2. The Com-Ten instruments are proudly manufactured in the USA. Authorized Com-Ten distributors are able to install high-quality products that are made in America.

3. The widest range of dedicated force and torque instruments. Today Com-Ten has the most important and diversified manufacturer of force and torque instrument. We have customs solutions for each industry: spring, wire, fabric, bottle… with dedicated products per application. It’s easy and ready to be used.

4. The good price. Our pricing policy is simple; give more features, quality and services than our competitor for at least the same cost. For example, all our gauges are delivered with a detailed certificate of calibration in 5 points.

5. An alternative solution. Make the difference from every thing you can find on the market with introducing the Centor series. This is today the most advanced gauge, the only one able to graph the curve of your test directly on the field without any computer.

6. Promote your company. Com-Ten helps its distributors excel by providing them the marketing support required: link to your website (more than 100 qualified contacts per day), catalogs, loan of materials, promotion of events, support during trade shows… and all this marketing is free.

7. Continuous innovation: We are continuously listening to our customers and they help us to design the best solution for each market. During the last year Com-Ten introduced 6 new products (new gauge, new manual and motorized test stands, new softwares). It means a new product every 2 months! And this is without taking in account the new grips and fixtures we are designing to perform ASTM tests.

8. Intuitive and industrial design. Com-Ten products are designed to resist industrial conditions but with the performance of laboratory equipments. Large or Touch screen displays and intuitive menus make ours products easy to read and use. They don’t require a long training before performing the tests required.

9. Technical and design assistance. All the technical support you need is readily available at no cost through Com-Ten’s Engineering Services Department, including drawings, studies of custom applications and pricing.

10. Our priority is the quality of our instruments. Performing good measurements begins with having quality instruments. That’s why the first priority for Com-Ten is to design, manufacture and provide high quality equipment. The conditions to reach this goal are: manufacturing in USA, working with suppliers in USA (particularly for the sensor which is a critical part), providing a certificate of calibration traceable to NIST with all our instruments, testing each instrument individually before shipping.

11. Warranty. Com-Ten is so confident in the durability of our instruemnts that we protect our force and torque gauges with a 2 year warranty.

12. Reactivity. Com-Ten can answer 95% of most questions within the first phone call. More so, we provide a firm delivery date for each order and we currently have a service rate of more than 99%!