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Our range of products Centormeter is designed to check torque wrenches and screw drivers up to 1400Nm. It is designed to display the peak value as well as the first peak.

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Peeling tester

Com-Ten has designed a custom peeling tester to mesure the force and deflection during a 90° peeling test on a submarine.

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Manual test stand BAT 750
Springtest 2

This test is to measure the force of very small compression spring. This measurement is done with our compression spring tester SPRINGTEST 2

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Drum peel test on aluminum composite panel ASTM D1781

This test method covers the determination of the peel resistance of adhesive bonds between: a sandwich of two layers of aluminum and polyethylene.

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Simple manual peeling test

This test is to measure the peak force to pull out a sticker from a fabric. It's based on our BAT test stand with a Centor First force gauge. It is a simple system when you need a quick measure of the peak force to separate these two materials.

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95T series tensile test stand

This classic tensile test performed with our 95T series shows the importance of determining the pourcentage of elongation of your sample when you have to choose a test stand.

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Drivetork motorized test stand

This special application was designed to measure the opening torque on a safety cap for a medical bottle.

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