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Compare our force gauges

Our force gauges

Compare our force gauges and choose the force measuring instrument which fits your testing needs. From the Centor First with peak force to the Centor Star Touch with automated calculations and USB output, we have the force gauge  for your testing requirement.

Centor First

Centor Easy

Centor Touch

Sensors available 20lb, 50lb, 100lb 2lb, 5lb, 10lb, 20lb, 50lb, 100lb, 200 lb 1lb, 2lb, 5lb, 10lb, 20lb, 50lb, 100lb, 200 lb
Accuracy   0.25 % FS 0.1 % FS 0.1 % FS
Resolution   1/1,000 FS 1/10,000 FS 1/10,000 FS
Sampling rate   1,000 Hz 1,000 Hz 5,000 Hz
Overload protection   200% FS 200% FS 200% FS
Units   N, Lb, Kg N, Lb, Kg, Oz, g N, Lb, Kg, Oz, g
Auto-off   15 min 5 to 15 min 5 to 60 min
Bargraph   coche coche coche
Peak in tension and compression   coche coche coche
Use of a foot pedal     coche coche
Tare   coche coche coche
Reversible display   180° 180° 90°, 180°
Battery operated   coche coche coche
8 hours operations without recharging   coche coche coche
Fast charge   coche coche coche
Low battery indicator   coche coche coche
Metal casing and protective elastomer mould   coche coche coche
Threaded fixed holes for use on test stand   coche coche coche
RS232 output  
Max, Min, Current Max, Min, Current
Output sampling rate     50 / sec 1,000 / sec
USB output       coche
Digilatic output     coche  
Analog output     +/- 1V +/-1.25V
Display peak and current value in the same time     coche coche
Setup protection     coche coche
Backlight display     Black and white Touchscreen color
Adjustable set point     coche coche
Memory     coche coche
Statistics (average, standard deviation)     100 results 2,000 results
Memory card reader compatible       coche
Display force vs time curve       coche
Maxima in a time window calculation       coche
Time necessary to reach maximum force       coche
Average force over the test       coche
Force at time T       coche
Break point       coche
Derivative       coche
First peak       coche
Force on closing contact       coche
Average force       coche
Download curve to a computer       coche