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Bluetooth module for centor touch gauge

Module Bluetooth
  • Wireless connection
  • Transfer on demand or continuously
  • Compatible with our entire software product lines


Series code:: ELE CB BT
Budget : 175 € HT

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ANDILOG’s force and torque Centor TOUCH gauge integrates Bluetooth technologies and give you wireless freedom. This option allows you to connect your Centor Touch to your computer and use our software RSIC Lab II or Caligraph without having to physically attach it with a cable.

In mobile or movable systems, inside or outside factory work floor, the Bluetooth module linked to the force and torque gauge CENTOR TOUCH wireless technology is the first choice, but wireless technology is also used if greater distances or obstacles must be overcome.

Now, with the help of this optional Bluetooth module, additional wireless applications are simple to implement. Wherever data transmission over cable is too complicated or not possible, the Bluetooth module creates a solution.

Compatible with our entire software family, the new Bluetooth option creates a solution that rivaled the traditional data acquisition setup no matter the application requirements.  

Specifications :

  • Range : 100m (open field)
  • Over air data rate : 100Hz
  • Bluetooth technology v2.0

Materials required :

  • Centor Touch version 5.6 or Higher
  • A computer equipped with Bluetooth
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