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Centormeter BT,station torque calibration bench

Mobile station to audit torque

  • 0.6 to 600Nm capacity range
  • Table top presentation
  • Automatic recognition of additional torque sensors
  • Live graphing
  • Color Touchscreen
  • Data transfer software included
Series code:: CENTORMETER BT
Documentation: Specifications

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Our Centormeter BT serie, a mobile station torque analyzer, allows you to calibrate and check all of your measuring tools: torque wrenches, torque screwdriver, electric screwdriver, air screwdriver, torque gauges, etc. Safely ensures periodically your tool’s integrity and reliability in your facility, by controlling their torques with a torque analyzer.

The Centormeter BT has the same features as the CT version. Its metal housing makes it robust and ensures an easy reading when placed on a table or rolling consoles. It retains the advantage of a portable version, operating on batteries and thanks to its small footprint. The torque sensors are available from 0.6Nm to 600Nm in order to cover all types of torque measuring tools.

Calibrate and audit all your torque tools without compromise.

Operating Principle:

Andilog’s Centormeter Easy torque analyzer is dedicated to measure the applied torque by your torque tools. Simple to operate: The torque tool is inserted into the sensor’s square output. The measurement is displayed in real time.

Three operating modes are available:

  • Track for all torque wrenches or dial tools, type which displays live value, torque as it is being applied to the sensor.
  • Peak which records and displays the highest values experienced by the torque sensors. Peak mode is used for all dial torque wrench testing, preset torque tools and power too
  • First Peack for click type torque tools, which records the first peak of torque experienced by the sensor.


Key Features:

  • Live graphing torque vs time
  • SPIP technologies: automatic recognition of sensors
  • Data acquisition software included via USB output
  • Operating mode: track, peak, first peak
  • Programmable thresholds
  • Internal memory of 2000 values with statistics
  • Compatible with our rotary drive torque sensor (torque and angle)


  • Display Curve and 2 lines,
  • Touch color screen
  • Auto OFF features

Supplied with:

  • Certificate of calibration, power cord, user manual
  • Data transfer software: RSIC Lab

Available options:

  • Run down adapter for powered torque tools: RDA
  • Save your data directly on a USB stick: DATASTICK
  • Wireless freedom through a Bluetooth connection: CB BT

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