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FIXUROOF 1000 - Heavy duty pull tester for roofing - 1000 lb

Fixuroof - Pull tester for roofing 1000lb

  • Easy-to-read display
  • Designed ti test deck-plate fasteners

Series code:: FIXUROOF 1000

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The Fixuroof 1000 portable pull-tester is an accurate unit, designed for testing on the field the pull-out force for base ply fastener. Easily determine whether the mechanical fastener provides sufficient resistance to static uplift force to meet the wind load requirements.

The Fixuroof pull-tester is specially designed for the following domains:
- Proof the good installation of base sheets and roof covers
- Determine the quality and uniformity of the installed materials
- Validate the integrity of the deck

Fixuroof pull-tester is an essential tool in roofing industries, where it is important to ensure the good installation of the base ply fastener.

This dedicated kit comes with a full range of accessories:
- A Pull tester (with its calibrated gauge 1000lb, analog or digital)
- 2 x heavy duty deck plate lifter foot LFH3500 (shank: 7/8” – Head: 3.5”)

How it works:
Insert a sample of the base sheet into a 12” x 12” jig with a 8” diameter opening in the center. A fastener is then placed through the base sheet in the center of the opening in the jig. The fastener is secured to the upper jaw of the pull-tester and the frame of the tester on the deck. The force is exerted in a direct line parallel to the shank of the fastener by using the hand crank until failure occurred.

- Structural Concrete
- Roofing Inspection
Can be used in accordance with Standards: Dade County PA 105-95 A

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