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Ergokit Easy, graphical ergonomy kit

Ergokit Easy

  • Graphical force gauge
  • Accuracy 0.1%
  • RS232 output
  • Built-in memory for 100 datas
  • Thresholds with visual and sound alarms
  • Calibration certificate included

Series code:: ERGOKIT EA
Documentation: specifications

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Excessive forces, repetitive shock and high pressures have been identified as contributors to traumatic and overuse injuries.  Therefore, ANDILOG develops the ERGOKIT product line in order to measure the forces occur by the body during various activities and can be used in order to conduct ergonomic analysis. The ERGOKIT product line measure with high accuracy the force load requires by the human body to perform a work tasks i.e.; lifting, pushing, pulling, moving things around, gripping…

The Ergokit Easy is ideal for a direct reading of the maximum value and the current value simultaneously. It also enables two limits to be programmed to sound an alarm, which is essential to any precise measurement when checking for conformity to regulations. Thanks to its statistical functions allowing 100 values to be saved and the average value and the standard deviation to be displayed, it is easy to immediately determine the repeatability of the measurements.

Our Ergokit Easy is specially designed to suit any situations encountered on the workstation: pulling, pushing, pressing with one’s hand or finger, lifting… With its comfortable neck strap, the Ergokit is an ideal tool for ergonomics specialists and the IPCA wishing to check the level of strain developed by operators at their workstation. Our instruments are ready to use in a compact carrying case and come with a set of accessories.

The Ergokit EASY key features are:

  • Pass/Fail analysis
  • Display 2 values on its large screen (i.e.; raw data and peak force)
  • Statistical calculations
  • 100 values memory

Supply with:

  • Force gauge Centor EASY
  • Accessories package including: hook, platen, extension rod, sling, probe, single handle, neck or shoulder strap
  • Carrying case
  • Power charger
  • Calibration certificate

Typical applications: locomotors and other athletic activities, manufacturing and workplace ergonomics study

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