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Manual high capacity spring tester : Springtest T1

Springtest T1 - High capacity manual spring tester

  • High capacity
  • High accuracy: 0.1%
  • Certificate of calibration included
  • Self levelling compression plate

Series code:: SPRINGTEST T1
Documentation: specifications

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The SPRINGTEST T1 series is a very simple and economical system for checking compression springs in one point. The force gauge gives the force applied, the displacement sensor on the side shows the flexion or height measured under load. With its revolving hand crank, it is designed to perform tests from low capacity (10N) to high capacity (2000N) with quick results.

The manual test stand features a small footprint, durable design, portable and a digital travel display. Combined with our Centor force gauges, the SPRINGTEST T1 can measure any compression spring in production or laboratory for an affordable price. The parallelism of the lower plate can be adjusted to ensure correct seating for the spring.

This package includes:
- Manual test stand TEX555R
- Force gauge Centor Easy with internal sensor up to 1000N or external sensor for the 2000N version
- Digital ruler length 150mm
- Compression plate diameter 50mm
- Self-levelling plate diameter 80mm
- Certificate of calibration

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