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Manual wire tester : WIRETEST T1

testeur cable manuel

  • Fast and easy tests
  • High accuracy 0,1 %
  • Certificate of calibration included

Series code:: WIRETEST T1
Documentation: specifications

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The crimping technology, connection between a terminal and a wire, can be done using a broad range of method: hand-held devices to fully automated systems. But no matter what method is used, to achieve a quality crimp, the setup should be audited. The pull force testers, WireTest, product line from Andilog offers a quick testing solution and allows you to control the mechanical properties of the crimp termination.

The WIRETEST T1 manual wire crimp pull tester is quick and easy setup testing solution. Especially designed to measure pull-off forces on wires and crimp terminations and supplied with two handles, a short and long, it fits applications with a capacity range from 500N up to 2000N. Equipped with its manual quick lever handle and thanks to its programmable pass/fail thresholds which are displayed on its large screen, it’s suitable for production floor environment as well as quality control.  

The WIRETEST T1 model is a all in one package including the manual test stand TEX555 which is well known for its robustness and quick handling operation, a rotational crimp accessory which accommodate wire size from 1.5mm diameter up too 6.35mm diameter and a Centor Easy Force gauge. It offers a large broad of features as a high accuracy of 0.1% FS, statistical calculations, data storage and much more.

With the Wiretest prevents problem in the product (design of the terminals) and process (method of attachment), applicable to most types of terminals.

Key Features:

  • Fail/ Pass analysis (with beeping alarm)
  • Displays simultaneously real time and peak force values
  • Quick action lever handle (provided with 2 handles)
  • Small footprint and portable all in one measuring solution


Operating principles: The force is applied on tension pulls

  • Cut wire length and strip one end
  • Clamps the wire to the wire end (no grip on the insulation of the wire)
  • Install the terminal into the rotational crimp fixture
  • Manually pulls the handle
  • Force measurements are displayed in real time on the Centor Easy force gauge: raw data and peak force simultaneously.
  • Pull force reading can be recorded and compared using the data acquisition software CALIGRAPH


Supply with:

  • Manual test stand TEX555
  • Force Gauge Centor Easy
  • Rotational crimp fixture ACC COSSE
  • Wedge Clamp
  • Calibration certificate
  • Power charger
  • Carrying case for the force gauge
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