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Springtwist, manual torsion torque tester

Springtwist - Manual torsion torque tester
  • Display torque and angle
  • Designed to test torsion spring
  • High accuracy
  • Calibration certificate included
Series code:: SPRINGTWIST
Documentation: Specifications

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Designed to measure torsion springs, the manual torque bench Springtwist is the solution to make your tests. Built with the latest measurement technologies, it can display on the same screen the values of torque, angle and curve of your tests. It can perform all your measurements with accuracy in your quality laboratory.

The Springtwist is supplied ready to be measure with all the accessories needed for your tests: support for the spring, drive pins and plates for different sizes of springs.

This test bench is equipped with a high quality strain gauges torque sensor with a capacity up to 10 Nm and an accuracy of 0.5% of the full scale. Torque sensors lower capacities can be connected to the Springtwist for measurements on springs with small loads. These sensors are plug and play and do not require configuration of the device.

The extremely rigid frame is designed to ensure a perfect alignment between the two plates of twist to avoid measurement error. The positioning of the sensor is made using a ball screw to fit the width of the spring. The rotation is operated by a crank. Thanks to the important gear ratio between the crank and the plate, it is easy to perform repeatable measurements at an accurate angle.

The Springtwist comes with a certificate of calibration torque linked to COFRAC.

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