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Twist, manual torsion bench

Torsion bench Twist

- Record torque and angle

- Automatic calculations

- Display the curve

- Interchangeable torque sensors


Series code:: TWIST
Documentation: Specifications

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To carry out accurate, repeatable and versatile torque measurements, ANDILOG offers its manual torsion tester TWIST. Available from 1 to 60Nm, the torque test bench benefits from the latest innovations of our advanced Centor Touch technologies. In real time gets the measurements and displays the torque, rotational displacement (i.e., angle or nb of rev.) and curve of your tests. The torque tes bench TWIST enables torsion tests to be made on various samples such as springs, metal or plastic parts.

General presentations: The manual torsion test bench is made up of a horizontal, rigid base frame, with two rails providing linear precision guidance. One the test stand, there are two working heads:

  • a strain head - a 60:1 worm drive reduction gearbox, mount on a platform. The plateform can be moved along the frame. This allows for any change in length of the specimen and for an easy insertion of specimens.
  • a torque reaction sensor

Each working heads is fitted with vertical circular platens. Platens are pre-designed to allow attachment of component or test specimen to the mounting base plate. In addition, ComTen offers a wide range of standard grips or can advise and design per specifications dedicated fixture to reply to your samples shapes

Thanks to its ability to read two sensors simultaneously with a sampling rate of 1000 Hertz, the Centor Touch Dual is an ideal test console for the Twist test stand. The Centor Touch Dual measures data from the static torque transducer and from the rotary encoders, and features live graphing, pre-defined calculations (stiffness, average, torque at angle value...)

Operating principle: Fit the specimen between the strain head and the torque reaction sensor. Apply torque, by turning the handle at the input of the gearbox.The digital CENTOR TOUCH gauge displays in real time, the graph, the torque applied and the rotational movement value.The gauge can be connected to data acquisition software CALIGRAPH, to collect data and edit reports

The manual torque test bench TWIST is a versatile system for dealing with the most wide ranging torsion tests in a workshop or laboratory environment.

Supplied with:

  • Manual torsion test bench
  • Digital gauge Centor Touch Dual
  • Torque reaction sensor (capacity to chose from 1 to 60Nm)
  • Certificate of calibration

Typical applications: torsion springs, medical devices, fasteners, determine elastic and plastic properties of materials, torsional strength measurements

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