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ANDIDOOR – the Impact Gate and door Force Tester

Andidoor - Verify the closing force of automatic doors
  • Display the Curve
  • Measure Static and Dynamic force
  • Calibration certificate included
Series code:: ANDIDOOR
Documentation: Specifications

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In compliance with the EN12453 and EN12445 standards, the ANDIDOOR force tester instrument measures the closing force generated by automatic or power-operated gates, doors and barriers. As gate installers if you wish to comply with the machinery directive, you need to measure the impact force of the closing movement in the crush zones of the gates. The ANDIDOR is specially designed, compact, light and self contained, to measure and calculate the dynamic (impact) and static forces.

The curve of your test is plot in real time on the display. Calculations are made to show the sets point to respect (measurement pass or fail): Dynamic force between 0 and 0.75 s (< 100 lb), FS1 from 0.75 to 5 s (< 30 lb) and FS2 from 5 to 10 s (< 5 lb). Values are saved in the memory and it give you the statistical results for each calculation. Download your test results to your computer, thanks to its utility software.

Comply with:

  • EN12453 - Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates. Safety is use of power-operated doors. Requirements
  • EN12445 - Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates. Safety is use of power-operated doors. Test methods

Main Features:

  • Stand-alone one-hand instrument
  • Easy handling
  • Traces the curve
  • Overload protection
  • certificate of calibration included
  • Battery powered
  • Force evaluation according to EN 12445
  • Automatic start of measurement
  • Data acquisition Software included

Optional accessories: Distance elements for horizontal gates and doors. As additional accessory we propose a distance- set, which contains distance pieces for typical measurement points.

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