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Anditork STAR, for safety ring cap

Anditork Star for safety ring cap
  • First Peak and Peak mode
  • USB & RS232 output
  • Live graphing
  • memory up to 2000 results
  • Certificate of calibration included
Series code:: ANDITORK CT

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The Anditork STAR model is specially designed to measure opening and closing torques for bottle's cap or containers's cap and the break torque of their safety ring. An advanced solution, it's the perfect auditing equipment for laboratory environment.

The Anditork STAR cap torque tester measures both :
  - the break torque of the safety ring
  - the peak torque of the cap closure

Torque measurements can be done by tightening or loosening it. The Andilog's cap torque tester is supplied with a grip plate that holds products from a diameter of 10mm to 200mm. The rubber-coated gripping fingers are adjusted quickly using a travel knob and are suitable to effectively grip a broad range of container shapes and sizes,

The Anditork STAR series key features are:

  • fail / pass analysis thanks to its programmable set points
  • live graphing
  • color touch screen displaying: graph and 2 values to choose among: raw data, 1st peak, peak, average,...
  • memory up to 2000 results
  • statistical calculations
  • can be combined with an optional data acquisition software or USB stick memory DATASTICK

Thanks to its rechargeable batteries the ANDITORK models can be easily transferred between different control areas. The test can be run in the laboratory or even on the plant floor, and provides a quick quality control check.

Operating principles: The operating principle of the ANDITORK STAR torque meter is straightforward. Operator places the sample on the platen of the cap torque meter, and manually by screwing the handle tights the four fingers around the sample. The test can start. The operator manually unscrews (or screws) the bottle’s cap and the reading is displayed in real time on the cap torque tester. Once the cap is unscrewed the sample can be released by un-tightening the four fingers and a new sample can be placed.

Supplied with:

  • Power cord
  • Calibration Certificate

Typical applications: Packaking industry, Beverage & Food industry, Medical & Pharmaceutical industry

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