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Topload tester for bottles

Topload tester for bottles
Series code:: TOPLOAD
Documentation: specifications sheet

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Andilog provides a complete and ready to use solution to the specific need of crushing compression force measurement on PET plastic bottles or containers required by packaging, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

This quality control, called top load strength test, ensures:

  • stack stability and robustly of the packaging product for the critical stages of storage, transport or display,
  • Identifying thinned areas in the wall of the bottler which can result in poor wall thickness distribution.

Thanks to the features of the STENTOR II, performing a TOPLOAD test has never been so simple. This model offers the advantage to measure and display in real time the axial compression force applied to the bottle, and to set a deflection limit. The color touch screen displays in real time and simultaneously the curve, the force applied and the maximum compression or the force at deflection value.

An all in one, the package “TOPLOAD tester” offers by Andilog is a complete solution (including the tester, load cell and compression platen), which allows quick set up and ensure repetitive and comprehensive measures. Suitable to be used for bottles with a height up to 400mm.

The Top Load 1000/2000 bottle crushing system is specially designed to provide an easy method for carrying out compression tests on bottles and small containers.  The instrument can be used in the workshop or laboratory environment.

Working principles - Different test method can be followed, and the most used methods measure:

  • Crush resistance at desired deflection
  • Compression peak force measurement of the bottle

Both methods can be done with the TOPLOAD tester by Andilog.

The sample (bottle or container) is placed on the wide bottom platen, threaded to the test stand's working table. The load cell linked to the top compression platen, applies a compression force at a predefined and fixed speed. Results are shown in real time on the color touch screen.

Key Features:

  • Live graphing
  • Complete package ready to be used
  • Compatible with the optional material testing software CALIFORT
  • Remote interchangeable load cell
  • Pre-load feature
  • Adjustable speed
  • Small footprint

Supplied with:

  • Single column motorized testing machine STENTOR II
  • Remote load cell, capacity to choose from 20N to 2000N
  • Small top compression platen diameter 50mm
  • Wide bottom compression platen diameter 100mm
  • Calibration certificate 

Typical applications: Top Load test on bottles and containers, crush resistance test on packaging

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