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Our range of products Centormeter is designed to check torque wrenches and screw drivers up to 1400Nm. It is designed to display the peak value as well as the first peak.

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The accuracy is the degree of closeness of the measured value to its "true" value. This value is generally diffined as a purcentage of the capacity of the sensor or instrument in the unit of measurement. For example, on our Centor Easy force gauge withinternal sensor, the accuracy is 0.1% FS. It means that if you have a sensor with a capacity of 100N, the accuracy of the complete gauge is 0.1% of 100N = 0.1N.
You can find this value with different spelling: 0.1%, 0.1% of the full scale, 0.1% FS (FS: Full scale), or 0.1N.
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