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Manual spring tester : Springtest 1

Springtest 1 - Manual spring tester

  • Easy to use
  • High accuracy: 0.1%
  • Certificate of calibration included
  • Self levelling compression plate

Series code:: SPRINGTEST 1
Documentation: Specifications

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The Springtest 1 is a very simple and economical system to control compression springs of small capacity. It inludes a very accurate force gauge, a manual test stand, a digital ruler and a special compression plate for springs. The measuring head (internal load cell with strain gauges) indicates the force applied, the ruler displays the deflection or the height under load. The bottom self levelling plate guarantees the paralellism of the plates. The system Springtest 1 is very easy to use and it is designed to perform your measurements quickly. It can also be used to control incoming goods in quality, production or laboratory. The quality and repeatability of the results are ensured through a specific design made by Com-Ten Industries:

- The manual test stand does not deform when the load increase due to the double steel guide and a drive screw without clearance
- The drive screw allows very precise positioning with a stroke of 2 mm per revolution
- The force gauge features one of the highest accuracy on the market: 0.1% of full scale with a sampling rate of 1,000 Hz
- The displacement transducer with digital display has a resolution of 0.001 in to ensure a repeatable and accurate compression
- The self levelling support ensures the parallelism with the compression plates during testing to avoid measurement error.
- Hooks can be supplied as an option for tensile springs.

How to measure a spring:

During the first use and periodically, it is necessary to adjust the parallelism between the compression plate and the self levelling plate. To do this, loosen of the self-levelling plate and go down with the compression plate to bring together the two plates. To ensure even greater accuracy and compensate for distortions in the system, it is recommended to apply a force between two plates equivalent to the force measured on your springs. Once this force is reached, lock the self levelling plate by tightening the screws. Then press zero on the displacement sensor.

You can then test all your springs. Simply place the spring on the Springtest 1, then turn the handle to go down with the force gauge to have the desired height. Write then the value of the force or transfer this value to your computer.

System ready to measure. Comes with a fixed plate diameter 50mm, a self-levelling plate and its certificate of calibration linked to COFRAC.

This system includes:

- Manual test stand BAT1000
- A digital ruler
- Force Gauge Centor Easy with internal load cell
- 50mm diameter compression plate
- Self-levelling plate diameter 76mm - AC PLAJ
- Certificate of calibration

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