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The Torque solution to master implant screw tightening

  • A dedicated measuring solution to qualify the screw tightening torque on implant
  • 0.5% FS accuracy
  • High sampling rate for repeatable and accurate results
  • Statistical analysis
  • Large and remote display
  • Choice of torque range capacity
Series code:: IMPLANTORK
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The Torque solution to master implant screw tightening

Developments in the medical industries also come with tools that measure the quality of medical parts (tools and aids) during the design, production, and installation process, or to track the life of implants. This is why ANDILOG has developed, in collaboration with laboratories, a torque measuring solution dedicated to research and manufacturers of prosthesis wishing to accurately measure the screw tightening torque of dental implants, and called the IMPLANTORK.

The original and most used method of attaching the abutment to the implant design is by means of a screw. Prosthetic crowns fastened with machined screws are placed on top of the implant to replicate the missing teeth. Screws facilitate the attachment of the implant crowns to the implants. The IMPLANTORK is a mini torque wrench able to measure with high accuracy the exact torque applied on the implant during the mounting process. The manually-operated digital dental implant torque wrench employs a screw holding sheath for placing a dental screw.

The torque is applied by turning the torque wrench perpendicularly to the turning screw head, and the torque value displays on the EASY digital readout (with a resolution up to 1/10,000 FS). A beeping at the set point warns the user when the applied torque is reached. The set point can be easily setup and adjust in order to reply to the various implant manufacturer specifications.

Typical applications: Implant Dentistry Researches, implants manufacturers, clinical oral studies, dental implants development


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