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Bottle Measuring Torque

To control the quality of the clamp caps manufacturing process, most of the time, we measure the loosening torque on bottle once the cap was screwed or pressed by corker. The results obtained when loosening then do not have a direct value for setting capping.

In partnership with packaging industrials, ANDILOG has developed an advanced solution able to audit the capper machine. Called the “instrumented bottle”, it’s a high accurate control tool that fits on the production line and measures the capping process.

Two versions are available:

  • EASY: Measuring Torque only
  • DUAL: Torque and Top Load (pushing force) Measurements - thanks to its bi-axial sensor and Dual gauge technologies, the Instrumented bottle is able to measure booth topload and torque applied by the capper machine  

This advanced solution is a combination of a made per customer specifications dummy bottle, which will include the sensor, and a digital gauge. The mechanical dummy bottle is reproducing the exact shape and size of the container.

Operating principle: Instrumented bottle can be disconnected from the display for an easier setup in the production line before measurement, and it’s then re-assembled with its display. The capper machine is performing its usual routine by tightening the cap to the instrumented bottle (as it would do for a normal bottle). The results are displayed in real time on the gauge, and with the DUAL version benefits of the live graphing.  Data are automatically stored on the gauge and can be forwarded to a computer for later analysis (or sent directly to a computer using our Bluetooth toggle).


Typical application: Packaging indutry, Beverage industry, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.

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