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Miniature compression load cell for Centor Star and Dual

Miniature compression button load cell SPIP LLB3

  • Automaticaly recognized by Centor Star or Dual
  • Small dimenions
  • Calibration certificate included

Series code:: SPIP LLB3

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The SPIP LLB3 series miniature compresssion load cell are recognized automatically by all the Centor Star and Dual force gauges and torque gauges, and they can complete a set of force/torque measurements at a very reasonable price. This type of load cell is designed to measure medium forces when the room is limited.

The sensor characteristics are stored in the memory of an electronic circuit located inside the sensor connector. When the Centor Star or Dual instrument is switched on, the information is collected from the central memory and the instrument is automatically configured: it takes into account the type of sensor, its maximum capacity and its calibration data without the operator having to make any calibration adjustments.

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