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Centor Touch Star TH, advanced torque tester, handle sensor

Force gauge with handle torque sensor Star

  • Chuck
  • Live Graphing
  • Accuracy 0.5%
  • Calibration certificate included

Series code:: CNR CT TH
Documentation: specifications sheet

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The Centor Touch Star TH is a static torque gauge with an handle torque sensor. Dedicated to fit a large range of in-line torque measurement applications, the Touch Star TH Torque gauge from ANDILOG is designed with the latest advanced technologies.

Besides having all the features of the Centor Easy, the Centor Touch Star TH torque gauge with handle sensor provides handy further possibilities: the graphic display shows the full graph Torque = C(t) giving you a general overview of the current test.

Mounted with a non removable external static torque sensor, it allows you to measure torque with the high accuracy required. Suitable for very low capacity from 0.12Nm up to middle capacity 12Nm, it fits a wide range of torque measurement applications: fasteners, bolts, screws, bars...

The Centor Touch torque Gauge is equipped with our sensor recognition feature: with a single instrument read different sensors (several capacities, Force or Torque sensors). Also the handheld torque gauge is able to make several types of calculations on demand (break point, first peak, average, torque at time value, etc.).

This torque gauge is simple, inherently precise, and offer advanced features. Furthermore, it is possible to freeze its configuration to avoid handling errors.

It is the most versatile instrument designed for all tests in industrial surroundings.In-process documentation or quality assurance purposes are common applications of the static torque handle gauge CENTOR TOUCH STAR TH

Handheld presentation and features:

  • Based on our advanced gauge Centor Touch version Star
  • Large colour Touch screen with live graphing in real time
  • Adjustable set points (with color visual and beeping alarms)
  • Pre-defined calculation: Peak, 1st Peak, Average, statisticals and more

Torque sensor TH presentation:

  • The static torque sensor TH can easily hold by hand with its outside diameter of less than 45mm
  • Equipped with a 3/8" female square drive to adapt a large range of standard tooling
  • Supplied with a manual chuck for a versatile range of applications (opening from 1.5 to 10mm)
  • Available with capacity to chose among: 0.12Nm, 0.3Nm, 1.5Nm, 6Nm or 12Nm

Operating principles:

  • Apply torque with a slow, smooth, and uniformed turn at the torque sensor handle.
  • In real time a live graphing of the applied torque shown on the display and all the measurements made can be store in the internal memory, which has a capacity of 2000 values.
  • The memory can then be easily transferred to a USB stick with the optional DATASTICK, or transferred to a computer via USB interface and the CALIGRAPH software.

Supplied with:

  • Chuck
  • Carrying Case
  • AC adapter/charger
  • Certificate of Calibration

Typical applications: Screwing&unscrewing, Tightens fasteners, in-line non-rotating parts torque measurement, Medical implants torque testing, Static torque measurements on a large range of samples test by hand

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