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Torkheadriver, motorized rotary drive torque bench

Motorized dynamic torque bench

- Rotary drive torque measurement

- Motorized

- Record torque and angle

- Automatic calculations

- Live graphing

Documentation: specifications

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The TorkHeaDriver is a motorized rotational torsion tester which is equipped with a rotary drive torque sensor allowing torque and angle measurements on complete system. This torsion meter is particularly well suited for in-line measurements of the smoothness of rotationon on knobs, valves, faders… installed on sets.

The measuring head of small dimensions includes the rotary torque sensor with its encoder and the motor. This test head can easily be moved and aligned in front of the test sample for testing. Thanks to its square male output, you can easily fixe standard or customized tooling as: chuck, socket, clamp…So it becomes easy to perform quality control on finished or semi-finished products, and not only during incoming inspection of the components.

With an adjustable speed range from 3 to 20rpm, the motor runs at a set rotational speed ensuring an high repeatability of test results and eliminating operator error.

The automatic TorkHeaDriver is a torsion test bench that includes in a single base system: the control command of the motor and the acquisition of the torque and angle sensor. The interactive colors touch screen plot the graph of your tests in real time and display calculations as average torque, First peak, break, statistical analysis… Its user friendly interface allows you to configure your test setup directly from the torsion meter.

As an option, the TorkHeaDriver can be automated from a computer using the software Califort, allowing to setup multiples sequences and advanced tests, collect test data and save configurations.

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