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BAT 1000R – Precision manual force test stand and displacement

BAT 1000R – Precision manual force test stand and displacement
  • capacity up to 1000N
  • smooth precision motion
  • measures displacement
Series code:: BAT 1000R
3D: 3D
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Andilog has developed a precision handwheel-operated test stand for force gauge, the BAT1000. This manual tester is easy to operate, designed to perform force testing in compression and tension, up to 1000N.

Compatible with all ANDILOG force gauge, accessories and grip, this hand-operated test stand has a threaded support plate for grip and fixture mounting, Designed for smooth precision motion thanks to the combination of its precision Acme threaded rods and nut, and it includes adjustable upper and lower travel stops that may be positioned along the length of the 300mm rods.

The BAT1000R manual force test stand includes a digital travel display.


Features of the BAT1000:

  • Precision Acme threaded rod for smooth precision motion (2.54mm per revolution)
  • Adjustable fixture mounting plate to ensure proper alignment of sample and force gauge
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