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TEX555, quick action manual test stand

quick action manual test stand TEX 555

  • High capacity; up to 2 000N
  • Lever hand crank for quick results

Series code:: TEX555
Documentation: Specifications

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The manual test stand TEX555 model is designed for simple compression and tensile testing up to 2000N and thanks to its lever handle, it's ideal for medium force testing  applications when a quick result is required. This manual test stand makes accurate and repetitive tensile and compression tests for springs, crimps, foam, peel, crush and much more force testing applications.

The TEX555 test stand features:

  • a revolving hand crank, for easy and quick operating test
  • supply with a short and long lever handle for ease hand operation on the all force range up to 2000N
  • the height of the crosshead is adjustable
  • adjustable bottom fixture mounting plate to ensure proper alignment of sample and force gauge
  • small footprint and portable
  • durable design
  • can be bench mounted

Compatibles with our digital Force gauges, the force manual test stand TEX555 suits testing appplications in production or laboratory environment for an affordable price, and combines with a pair of fixtures create your dedicated force measuring solutions.

Available options:

  • Measures displacement throught its optional digital travel ruler – 150mm travel, 0.01mm resolution - see our optional travel scale
  • Travel limits
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