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Motorized wire tester : WIRETEST 2

WIRE TEST 2 - Motorized wire tester

  • Easy to use
  • Automatic tester
  • Certificate of calibration included
  • Carousel fixture

Series code:: WIRETEST 2
Documentation: specifications

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The WIRETEST 2 motorised wire pull tester is designed to test the quality of terminals connections in place. The success of a connection is related to the quality of the setting tools and the proper adjustment of the setting machines. Because these settings tend to evolve over the course of production, it is essential to check them regularly.

Measuring the force needed to pull out the connections is a quick and easy step that very clearly shows the condition of the setting. Several aeronautic, automotive or railway standards define the test conditions: minimum acceptable forces depending on the diameter of the cable, tension rates, etc.

WIRETEST 2 meets all those conditions. Thanks to its control console, the operator selects the settings for the tension rates, the return speed and the automatic return to the starting position. The force gauge displays the current values and the pull-out force.

These results can either be stored in the memory (up to 2000 values) or even transferred to a computer. Designed for use in the production workshop, the WIRETEST 2 guarantees a faultless wiring. Maximum force 2,000 N, displacement length 300 mm, maximum length of samples 400 mm, sold with a carousel for terminals and a self-closing wedge clamp.

Operating principles: The force is applied on tension pulls

  • Cut wire length and strip one end
  • Clamps the wire to the wire end (no grip on the insulation of the wire)
  • Install the terminal into the rotational crimp fixture
  • Pulls at a set speed, i.e., 2.00” per minute – 50mm/min
  • Force measurements are displayed in real time with live graphing
  • Pull force reading can be recorded on a USB memory stick with the DATASTICK option and compared using the Material testing software CALIFORT

Typical applications: wiring test, crimped wire terminal strength test, electrical harness terminal testing

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