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70X series

How can I check speed calibration?  Rate it

Speed is a digitally controlled loop servo system. The only problem that could occur would be a dirty or damaged opto disk. If you suspect speed problems, clean the opto disk. To check speed measure the time it takes to travel a specific distance. Distance travelled / time = speed. If the speed is not correct please contact Com-Ten Industries.

The speed changes or drifts during the test.  Rate it

Speed is a closed loop servo system. The speed and deflection information comes from the optical encoder underneath the tester. This encoder is open and can collect dust. Remove the front cover on your dual ball screw tester. For the single screw testers you must remove the bottom cabinet and lean the tester on its side. You will see a flexible plastic disk with clear and dark lines on it. Clean the disk with water and mild detergent. The disk passes through a small slotted sensor. Blow this sensor clear with compressed air.

The tester does not automatically return at the end of the test.  Rate it

This could be a configuration or limit switch problem. If the tester runs down manually the problem is probably not limit switches. To reset the configuration go to setup menu 4. Select reset defaults. Select reset all to defaults. Return to menu 2. Select return setup. If yes is highlighted select no the yes. If no is highlighted select yes. Try automatic return.

My topload readings are low.  Rate it

First try a dead weight test to check calibration. If values are correct check setup menu 3. Select RESULTS setup. Both force and deflection displays should be set to peak. If the force display is set to break during the test the force may increase then decrease before the test stops. At the end of the test the force is displayed at the break instead of the peak.

I have questions about a specific ASTM test.  Rate it

We are not ASTM testing experts. The best source for ASTM information is the specific printed ASTM information. If you call we will do the best we can to help.

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