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Centor series

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What if my force gauge does not work because of too many overloads?  2.00

All our force gauges have an overload protection of 200% of the full scale of the sensor. Nevertheless, each time you measure more than 120% of the full scale, the Centor will count this as an overload.
After 10 overloads, the force gauge is locked in a safe mode.
To unlock your gauge, you have to send it to us to perform a complete diagnostic to check that the accuracy of your instrument is still in the tolerances. 

Is the update rate different between the analog and digital interface?  Rate it

The update rate is the same for all interfaces. All interfaces are updated at a rate of 50 Hz.

How does the data transmission to a PC work?  Rate it

The Centor force and torque gauges contain a serial bidirectional interface. ASCII characters can be sent and received with the RS-232 or V.35 protocol. RSIC and Caligraph software are available to help you manage, store, retrieve and display results.

Why can I only use one Centor output interface at a time?  Rate it

The Centor acts like a small computer. The first priority is to acquire force data and store the peak sampling at 1000 Hertz. There are not enough computer resources to acquire the data and run both the analogue and RS-232 outputs. You must select which one you want before you run the test.

What do I do if my Centor is unusable due to excessive overloads?  Rate it

Your Centor must be returned to Andilog Technologies for evaluation. The health of your Centor will be determined and the over load restriction will be removed. You may wish to purchase Centor Manager software to perform these same functions locally and avoid the instrument return down time.

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