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CTAP software

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C-TAP displays error 103 at start  Rate it

C-TAP displays error message 103 when started. Communications between the DAQ controller and C-TAP are not working. The problem will be in one of three areas. 1. DAQ controller. For the DMC check pencil switches 2,3,5 and 9 are on. For the ComTouch cycle the powre then select test setup. Go to menu 2. Select serial setup. 19200 baud should be dark. Select 38400 baud then 19200 baud to reset the baud rate. Return main. 2. Serial cable. Check the Serial cable from the back of the DAQ controller to the computer. 3. Restart the computer. Open C-TAP. From the main control panel edit drop down menu select Edit DAQ controller. Select the appropriate DAQ controller. If all else fails try calling a terminal communications program. Windows 98 and WP contain a terminal connunications program called Hyperterminal. Go to start - all programs - communications - Hyperterminal. At the new connection window enter a name and select an icon then OK. From the Connect to window select the available com port at the connect using entry then select OK. Enter 9600 bits per second for the DMC or 19200 bits per second for the ComTouch. Select data bits 8, parity none, stop bits 1 and Xon/Xoff flow control the OK. A blank communications window will open. If everything is operating properly, holding the CTRL key then pressing the G key will cause the DAQ controller to "BEEP". If not select another com port. You must first select the disconnect icon then file and properties to change communications settings. The hyperterminal session can be saved for later troubleshooting.

I want to run a burst test and hold for a length of time.  Rate it

Set the force limit on the test configuration panel to the burst test limit. On the same panel select the set hold time box under hold time options. Set the amount ox time you wish to hold at force. Run the test. The tester will apply force until the force limit then stop. If you have the hold force option selected the tester will cycle on and off to maintain the force limit. If the specimen bursts before the hold time expires the test will terminate.

I have lost my C-TAP operators manual.  Rate it

There is a copy of the C-TAP operators manual on your installation CD. If you require another copy please contact Com-Ten Industries.

How can I set a force or deflection limit?  Rate it

From the Configure drop down menu select TEST CONFIGURATION. In the area marked TEST LIMITS type the desired limit in force or deflection. C-TAP will stop the test according to the first limit reached.

Will upgrading to Windows Vista cause any problems?  Rate it

We have no reported problems running C-TAP on Windows Vista.

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