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ComTouch controller

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I've lost my password to gain access to the setup mode.  Rate it

Please contact us for retrieve your password for your ComTouch.

The display looses contrast or brightness after running for a few hours.  Rate it

The display power supply or back light is failing. Detach the display and return to Com-Ten Industries for repair. If you are running C-TAP software the display is redundant. You may continue to operate the tester without the display.

High speed return is not functioning.  Rate it

ComTouch configuration may be damaged. From the test setup menu go to setup menu 4. Select reset defaults. Selct reset all to defaults then yes. Go to setup menu 3. Select return setup. Select automatic return yes. Check all other configuration settings for proper values.

The extensometer will not zero.  Rate it

When you start a test the ComTouch display stalls at zero. This means the output of the extensometer is to great to zero. First make sure that the extensometer was attached to the specimen with the zero-pin installed. A non-zero displacement of the extensometer may cause this problem. If the extensometer does not zero try this. Leave the zero-pin in the extensometer and do not attach the extensometer to the specimen. Do not attach the specimen to the clamps. Apply power on the ComTouch. After the display arrives at the main control panel. Disconnect the cable from the extensometer to the amplifier module. Start a test. If the test starts normally, there is a problem with the extensometer. Please return the extensometer and amplifier module to Com-Ten Industries for repair.

Will my software control the ComTouch?  Rate it

The ComTouch requires a specific list of serial commands. Please contact Com-Ten Industries for this list of commands.

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