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DFM DMC controller

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My DFM displays force in counts with no peak. How can I go back to normal measurement?  Rate it

Your DFM is in calibration mode. To return to normal measurement mode try this.

1. Set the RUN/PROGRAM switch to program.
2. Toggle(push up then release) the option switch six times to reach CALIBRATION.
3. Toggle the SEND and TARE switches down at the same time to turn calibration off.
4. Set the RUN/PROGRAM switch to RUN.

My DMC stops the test before reaching the deflection limit.  Rate it

The DMC peak detector may stopping the test before the deflection limit. This may be seen in a compression or topload test. In later firmware versions the DMC peak detector may be defeated by turning on pencil switch #7. For older firmware versions try changing DMC mode from mode 4 to mode 6. Pencil switches 10 off, 11 on and 12 on.

The DMC displays force but no deflection during the test. Deflection stays at zero.  Rate it

There is no information coming from the line counter in the tester. The 9X series testers have an "OPTO DISK" located in the top of the tester. This disk contains lines that are counted as torque bar travel(deflection) and speed. If this disk is dirty or has jumped out alignment there will be no deflection information. Refer to the operator’s manual for disk access or cleaning.

The DMC performs one test then stops. It will not perfom another test.  Rate it

Turning the power off then on again allows another test but only one. If the serial port is enabled, the DMC will wait until the printer or computer is ready to receive end of test data. It will not allow another test until the data is sent. If you have a printer check to see that the printer is turned on, paper is loaded, the data cable is connected and the printer is on-line. If a computer is connected check the cable connection to the computer and that the software is running properly. DIP switches 1 & 2 on the bottom of the DMC control the end of test message to the serial port. To disable the end of test message set switches 1 & 2 off.

How do I convert force readings into pressure or PSI fo rDFM DMC controller?  Rate it

Force readings are converted to pressure readings by dividing the force reading by the specimen cross sectional area. For example if your peak force reading is 100 pounds and the measured cross section of the specimen is 0.50 inches, peak pressure is 100 / 0.05 or 200 pounds per square inch(PSI). If you are using other force or deflection units, the formula still applies but the result units will vary accordingly. Kg/mm. Nt/meter ect. Please contact Com-Ten Industries for software that can do this for you.

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